Working with charitable organizations, corporations, educational institutions and governing bodies, the Appleton Charitable Foundation has been able to achieve a variety of goals on municipal, national and international levels.

For the GreenApple project, the Appleton Foundation established a Strategic Partnership with the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia to provide expert analysis, first hand research and the creation of an expert panel for the GreenApple Report.


The Appleton Foundation is currently seeking partnerships to produce the GreenApple US Ranking Report. The GreenApple initiative is looking for partnerships and support to enhance and increase the scale of community-based education regarding the practical steps that can be taken to enhance air quality and improve transportation sustainability. Support for internet, advertising and curriculum development is being sought for this project.

For more information regarding partnership opportunities, please contact the Foundation’s Project Director.


Jack D. Hidary Foundation – New York, USA | More info

Sauder School of Business – Vancouver, BC | More info